Fortnite Game – Tips & Tricks and how to Play Better

Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games available today. If you wish to experience the mind-blasting shooting action, then gather your buddies right away. You can play in a squad of four and command necessary instructions via microphone. Enjoy the amazing battle royale gameplay today.

Fortnite Game – Tips & Tricks and how to Play Better

Today’s generation and the upcoming ones are growing up playing the Battle Royale games. Fortnite is one of the top battle royale games taking all the hype. You can play Fortnite for free either on PC or iOS mobile. In this article, you will know about specific tips and tricks on how to excel the Fortnite features.

Talk only if necessary

Squadmates love to brag about their achievements in the game during the match. Avoid doing that as you are distracting the entire squad during the intense play. After you make Fortnite game download, remember it is all about strategized gameplay. It requires skills and commands hand in hand. You can talk during the loot minutes but turn silent while taking up the fight. Land, loot, fight and win, follow this agenda and be a pro-player soon.

Prefer Quality headphones

Good quality headphones help you to learn the enemy footsteps before-hand. You do not need to pay for the game but go ahead and get good headphones for the play. The battle is all about searching for enemies and hunting them down. Minimize your running foot sound, and your headphones will help you listen to slightest movement in the grass.

Become a Paranoid

Be alert at all times. You must have heard the famous saying “Do not lay your guards down”. Fortnite battles are not just to pass your time. It is more than that. If you play this game just to relax your mood, then you might not stay up with your squad. It is an intense game giving you challenges in every step. You need to stay alert and make prompt strategies to kill your way out. If you do not become paranoid, winning is a tough task.

Strategize your hiding spot and take covers before you take the fight with the other squad. Unlike other battle royale games, Fortnite allows you to build your walls to take cover. When you take up a fight, remember other players are lured towards you.

Fortnite Game – Tips & Tricks and how to Play Better

Watch out for the circle at all cost

The circle is a safe area for you to survive. It shrinks with time to increase the intensity of the gameplay. The shrinking circle will bring the surviving players closer to each other. You need to walk, run, drive or fight through the obstacles to reach the safe zone first. Do not engage in a fight when not in a safe area. If you spot another squad, then wait till you reach the zone before you take the fight.

Use Shield Potions to boost your health

If you find yourself a blue potion, drink it up. It protects your health from certain damages. There are three different potions regular, small and slurp juice. Each one gives you less or more amount of health points. If you are in a situation of a gunfight when you land with other players, then these boosters help you sustain an intense fight.

Engage only if you are confident

Getting into an unnecessary fight is not worth it. Engage only if you feel like you have the upper hand with cover and appropriate armoury. In that way, you can easily take down your opponents. It is one of the essential tips which you must remember. You can successfully get 98 kills on your record but then lose the game with a single mistake. Engage only if you are in a situation to confidently take down your opponent.

Fortnite Game – Tips & Tricks and how to Play Better

These are some of the crucial tips of Fortnite latest version. The Fortnite servers indeed do lag due to high traffic at times. The programmers are working day and night to solve the issue. Download the Fortnite apk online to get free access to the world of Battle Royale.

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