Tips to help you survive longer when playing Fortnite Battle Royale

Do you want to survive longgest when joining Fortnite. Read Tips to help you survive longer when playing Fortnite Battle Royale

Tips to help you survive longer when playing Fortnite

Fortnite is a survival game released by Epic Games in the summer of 2017. In the game, the player must learn to survive to become the last survivor. You can try the Battle Royale mode. Here, you will have to fight with many other players, find a way to survive. Or you can experience when fighting the scary Zombie.

Tips to help you survive longer when playing Fortnite

In this article, I would like to introduce to you tips to help you survive longer when playing Fortnite.

1. Do not land in crowded areas

Most players want to land in the settlement because they have many resources to equip you in the fight. However, it is also the place where many people appear. When looking for guns and equipment, you will encounter many other gamers. Your odds of losing are higher. Instead, you should land in the suburbs. You will easily find guns and some craft materials.

Do not land in crowded areas

In addition, you also do not necessarily participate in attacks, disputes of others.

2. It is not necessary to attack everyone

When entering the game, you will meet many people who are attacking buildings, gas stations … or gamers wandering on the map. If you do not have much equipment, do not attack others.

3. Win lots of weapons and equipment on yourself

Good equipment and weapons are the key to winning Fortnite. Do not ignore anything you encounter. You should check all buildings, as they may contain the equipment you are looking for.

4. Avoid fighting for as long as possible

The key to Fortnite is to live as long as possible. If you engage in a certain attack, you will be easily defeated by others.
You should wait, equip yourself with weapons before joining the battle.

5. Stay away from eye of the storm

If you see an area of ​​the map starting to sink, make sure you arrive at a safe location.

6. Keep the arsenal of weapons balanced

You cannot hold too many equipment. Therefore, choose a variety of necessary equipment rather than choosing a type. That means you should prepare both weapons and bandages to protect yourself.
Own a long-range weapon along with a short-range weapon, grenades, grenade shooting guns …

7. Always fight with teammates

Always fight with teammates

When fighting, if you are injured, you will be healed by your own teammates. And surely, you will die if no teammate heals you.

Together with your teammates, you will be able to take the buildings faster.

8. Always make equipment

You can make equipment, weapons with available materials such as wood, bricks, metal …

9. Notice the noise

In the game, footsteps are easy to recognize. You can hear the footsteps of approaching enemies.

10. Ax should be used when looting opponents

When you win against other players, you should steal what they own. When using the ax, you just need to knock the pile of rock and soil and it will automatically take out the items.