Ultimate GTA V Online Tips and Tricks

Want to play GTA V Online but afraid you’re late to the party? Don’t worry, here’s our ultimate GTA V Online tips and tricks to get you started!

Ultimate GTA V Online Tips and Tricks

GTA V Online is an online multiplayer mode of GTA V. The game allows up to 30 players roam around the open world taking part in coop missions and the likes.

It has been regularly updated throughout the years and is now one of the most popular game modes out there. You’ll need our ultimate GTA V Online tips and tricks to survive out there. Enjoy!

Watch out for the white dots

For starters, those white dots are in the same server as you. They might be on their way to a heist or fleeing from the cops. In any case, it’s best to stay alert or better yet, hop inside a store in the meantime. In here, other players can’t get to you since these are designated PvP-free zones.

Keep your cash at ATMs

Ultimate GTA V Online Tips and Tricks

The city of Los Santos functions just like any other city in the real world – except there’re no real consequences. So, other players might steal your cash if you keep all of them in your person. The best way to combat that is to cash your coins into an ATM always. There are plenty of ATMs in the area but if you can’t find out, you can deposit on your phone online.

Get a chopper

Getting around on a fancy car is all dandy but a chopper is another story. Considering Blaine County’s large area, a chopper is a time-saver. If you don’t have enough money, you can always steal one. The easiest way to get one is through the Los Santos International Airport.

Buy a nice apartment

Buying a fancy apartment is not just for aesthetics in GTA Online, they’re a need. If you want to plan some heists, a high-end apartment will come in handy since they come with planning boards. If you don’t have enough cash, the cheapest one can be found in Del Perro Heights for just $200,000.

Aim to become a CEO

There are tons of benefits to becoming a CEO in GTA Online. Aside from money and power, you’ll also get to participate in the Doomsday Heist. The first step is to buy an office to become the boss. The most inexpensive one is the Maze Bank West in Del Perro. But once you gain this social status, you can hire other players to become your bodyguards or assistants.

Watch out for Weekly Events

In order to succeed in GTA V Online, you need to play smart. Rockstar does regular Weekly Events. There are rewards such as double RP and double cash so be on the lookout for such events.

Ultimate GTA V Online Tips and Tricks

Be good to others

While it may be tempting to screw over everyone in GTA Online, it pays to be a nice guy sometimes. If you help other players finish missions, you’ll be rewarded with a ‘Good Sport’ award. The bonus can be in the form of cash or extra Reputation Points.

Recover your car instantly

Sometimes you might find yourself wandering off miles away from your car for some reason. Instead of walking to your car, you can use your phone to do a quick job and your car will show up right where you are. Just cancel the job and be on your way.

Final Thoughts

Ultimate GTA V Online Tips and Tricks

That’s our ultimate GTA V Online tips and tricks. If you want to get download gta with zero-cost for your handheld device, search on google.

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